Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

We help you mind your social business. Ask us how!

Building and managing a social media presence to support fans and customers is fun but can be daunting. We help you determine which channels are best for you and develop a strategy to manage those channels and populate them with engaging, compelling and enjoyable content.

Social Craft Provides:

  • Social Media Strategy Development and Execution
  • Daily Social Media Management Services
  • Content Curation & Posting
  • Community building and management
  • Editorial calendar planning
  • Ongoing Social Marketing Consulting
  • Social Media Training
  • Live Tweeting
  • Meme Creation and Image Galleries

Channels we can Support:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Periscope
  • Google +
  • Linkedin

Through social media marketing your customers will know:

  • What kinds of products or services you offer
  • What's new at your company
  • What your team is like, who they are
  • Where to contact / find you
  • What your company's personality is
  • Whether you are hiring

Through social media marketing your company can:

  • Listen to your customers
  • Identify super fans and influencers
  • Tell your product, service and company story
  • Control the conversation about your company and products
  • Share your company culture
  • Share the latest news about your products and company

Social Craft can conduct and audit of all your social media channels to ensure that your messaging is consistent and up-to-date.

Editorial Calendars are monthly guides that allow you to preplan your social media activities for the month. Social Craft can create a monthly editorial calendar for your business. Creating an editorial calendar starts with a monthly meeting to discover important events, campaigns or promotions for the month ahead. During this meeting we talk about new products or services, company news, promotional/marketing activity, and points of interest that you want to convey to your customers. Social Craft will develop a calendar as a guide to execute curated content and branded content throughout the month. Our calendars include suggested tweets, content, ads and images for the channels you have selected to leverage.

Leverage social media channels to promote your products, services and/or company. Contact us today to discover how you can build awareness, share your story and advertise on social media.